Scorpion on a leaf.
Scorpion on a leaf.

86fc9ba545f4ec2839a50c9114d44628At Lay Lake, we have scorpions! Yes, I took this Picture 🙂
These are not like the scary ones that you see killing people on TV. These will sting you, fortunately, I have never been unfortunate enough to experience that first hand. I did research the Alabama scorpions and I learned that their venom is equivalent to a bee sting. I don’t know about you; but I don’t want to try it! :-).
I have however, been stung by bees numerous times in my life and if I can avoid that from now on, that would be wonderful!

There is nothing like getting attacked by the mean ‘yellow jacket’ bees that are always after my watermelon in the summer! When I was a child, I was attacked by a swarm and received stings all over my face. Those insects are ruthlessly mean and vindictive. Avoid them at all costs!

The scorpions at the lake can be found inside and out. The most frequent places that I have seen them have been under rocks and in the kitchen sink. I don’t know how they get in the sink but once they get in, they can’t get out.
The scorpion in this picture was found outside under a rock. He was handled very carefully during his photo shoot and then released back into the wild. :-).


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