Lake Tree


I painted this picture of the tree at the lake in the winter, on my iPad using ArtRage. It’s amazing what you can do on an iPad. This is how the tree looks from the balcony. See the Spanish moss clinging to it?


Trees On Fire


My husband says that they look like they are on fire, so I decided to name this painting ‘Trees on Fire’. I painted it on my I-pad. He also asked me why I always paint dead trees. I told him, they are doormat, not dead. I like the detail of the limbs, but after his comment, I added leaves. 🙂


I never knew celery would grow this way.
I never knew celery would grow this way.

We love celery at my house. Last year I cut the stalks off to make a veggie platter and decided to throw the base out in case the rabbits wanted it. My husband noticed it about 2 weeks later and asked me what it was. It was in the edge of the bushes. I went and looked at it, having forgotten about the celery being there. I was so surprised to find that nothing had eaten it and it was growing. I moved it to my flower bed where it continued to grow. That is until the Rollie police bugs found out and they ate it!
Do you see them? Guess they love celery too!

My Daffodils

I love to see them blooming!
I love to see them blooming!
A view from the top
A view from the top

My Spring Daffodils
Seeing the daffodils bloom always gives gives me hope that warmer days are on the way!
I have them growing all around the yard. After they finish blooming this year, I am going to dig them up and separate them. They are all getting too crowded. I think I will take some to the lake. I don’t have any there.

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