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Lay Lake Birds

Most people believe that  hollowed out gords are good for mosquito control. The small birds that nest in them, eat Mosquitos.
Most people believe that hollowed out gords are good for mosquito control. The small birds that nest in them, eat Mosquitos.
Ducks on Lay Lake
Ducks on Lay Lake

Blue HeronBlue Heron Blue Heron on Fallen TreeBlue Heron standing in shallow waterBlue Heron on my PierBlue Heron on my pierBlue Heron on Bank of Lay LakeBlue Heron standing on bankBlue Heron taking FlightBlue Heron taking flight off pier

Native Lay Lake Alabama Birds

Lay Lake Alabama has many birds of prey year round. A few ducks, Great White Egrets, and Blue Herons to name a few.

When I see one, I can’t resist trying to take its picture before its squawks ‘Fraaank’ and takes flight at my intrusion into its comfort zone. For some reason, they like to sit on my pier. I’ve never been able to get close enough to one on the pier for a good picture. I have to be fast to get a picture from the balcony. As soon as they notice me, they take off.

The White Egrets can be seen in flight from the balcony, they are beautiful to watch in flight. I have tried to get good pictures of them flying but I haven’t gotten a good one yet.

During the warmer seasons I love to kayak and sneak quietly into the slews off the Waxahatchee Creek in search of wildlife. I use these quiet moments to enjoy nature and take photos.

When I am quietly paddling into a slew, usually an egret or heron spots me first, takes flight alarming all of nature that I have arrived.
Sometimes it’s hard to get very far into the slew without one sounding the alarm, because they are on look-out high in a tree. I have noticed that some animals don’t pay attention to them.
I have been able to follow a raccoon foraging along a bank. He didn’t pay any attention to me.

Several late fall afternoons I was able to sneak up on deer drinking water on the side of a bank. I was deep into the slew, away from all the noisy boats and skiers. One day I saw over 5 deer. As soon as they saw me, they took off.
Several afternoons, I saw the same deer eating grass on the side of a bank. It didn’t run at first, it watched me for a few minutes and then took off through the woods.

One afternoon, I noticed that two Blue Egrets had landed close together in the top of two trees. They were high on the side of a hill. They seemed to be arguing over their territory. They were squawking at each other.
One would fly to the next tree, then the other one would do the same. Neither one seemed willing to give up their location. They both seemed mad at each other. I watched them squawk back and forth from my kayak for five minutes then decided to move farther down the creek.

Most people believe that when you spot the Blue Heron sitting near the water that it’s a good place to fish.
Meaning that with the Blue Heron’s keen eye site, that they have spotted minnows in the area. Larger fish will also be there for the opportunity of a meal.

I’ve tried fishing in the water where the Blue Heron was sitting, but I have not noticed any advantage. Perhaps the heron was there for a drink of water or like me, to take in the view of the calming waters.



Scorpion on a leaf.
Scorpion on a leaf.

86fc9ba545f4ec2839a50c9114d44628At Lay Lake, we have scorpions! Yes, I took this Picture 🙂
These are not like the scary ones that you see killing people on TV. These will sting you, fortunately, I have never been unfortunate enough to experience that first hand. I did research the Alabama scorpions and I learned that their venom is equivalent to a bee sting. I don’t know about you; but I don’t want to try it! :-).
I have however, been stung by bees numerous times in my life and if I can avoid that from now on, that would be wonderful!

There is nothing like getting attacked by the mean ‘yellow jacket’ bees that are always after my watermelon in the summer! When I was a child, I was attacked by a swarm and received stings all over my face. Those insects are ruthlessly mean and vindictive. Avoid them at all costs!

The scorpions at the lake can be found inside and out. The most frequent places that I have seen them have been under rocks and in the kitchen sink. I don’t know how they get in the sink but once they get in, they can’t get out.
The scorpion in this picture was found outside under a rock. He was handled very carefully during his photo shoot and then released back into the wild. :-).


A tip of my Rosemary bush
A tip of my Rosemary bush

A few years ago, I bought a small rosemary bush from the florist at the grocery store. It was pretty small. I planted it at the back door at my lake home. It grew to be over 10 feet in diameter! I have cut several pieces off and rooted them but neglected to replant them so they died. This past winter has been very cold and the last time I was at the lake it had turned brown. This concerns me because it is an evergreen. I am going to go check on it this afternoon to see what condition it is in. Hopefully it has survived the winter. It will be sad if it has died. I hope that at least the root has survived and that it will grow again. It comes in handy for cooking, bathing, making aroma, and decorations.

Well, the bad news is that I have checked on my rosemary bush and I believe it is dead. I am sad. If anyone has a rosemary bush that they can give me clippings to, let me know 😦