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A tip of my Rosemary bush
A tip of my Rosemary bush

A few years ago, I bought a small rosemary bush from the florist at the grocery store. It was pretty small. I planted it at the back door at my lake home. It grew to be over 10 feet in diameter! I have cut several pieces off and rooted them but neglected to replant them so they died. This past winter has been very cold and the last time I was at the lake it had turned brown. This concerns me because it is an evergreen. I am going to go check on it this afternoon to see what condition it is in. Hopefully it has survived the winter. It will be sad if it has died. I hope that at least the root has survived and that it will grow again. It comes in handy for cooking, bathing, making aroma, and decorations.

Well, the bad news is that I have checked on my rosemary bush and I believe it is dead. I am sad. If anyone has a rosemary bush that they can give me clippings to, let me know 😦