Rainy Day



 The tree is a live oak that has taken a bow down to the ground. We planted it the day that we brought our oldest son home from the hospital, who is now 35 years old. For a few years, it didn’t look like it was going to make it but now it is thriving. It is an evergreen. The children love to climb and play on the bowed down branch.
It also makes a great “sitting” for taking photos.



Rainy Day

This is a view from my front porch during a rain storm. I love the rain. If you look closely, you can see rain falling. When it rains, I love to sit on my old country front porch in the swing and just watch and listen to the rain falling.


Swamp Trees


I painted this picture basically from my imagination. I wanted a picture with lots of colors. Again, I added leaves for my husband. But not too many so that the detail of the trees still shows through. I have not drawn or painted in a while now. I need to get back to it. The pictures that I have painted on my iPad, print out beautifully. I have framed a few of them.